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About US / What do we want?

70% of our little friends, unfortunately, are losing their lives in the first 30 minutes of the accident. Here we Based on this information, we act with the awareness that time is important in order to save their lives and how we create vetmapp. When such accidents do not want to help because although there what to do, where-how to, or can not help the animal that likes to know that our financial situation is not sufficient; It detailed a first aid manual and a winking until they reach the open application in the nearest veterinary clinic We aim to support. Thus, each moment is where we let each of us needs, may be giving the fastest way we can help our little friend and hand in hand we think we can save the most lives possible.


Our primary goal is to bring all the animals vetmapp like our friends. Because we know, we can vetmapp how much reach as many people, so many small our friend, we can help with healthy living and survival. All private veterinary clinics to the streets of our animals are registered in vetmapp we plan to offer the deal to discounted treatments at a certain rate. Thus, every Our friends at the time and everywhere in the street, they will have a good private medical facility as our home lucky fellow. That's why all our friends to support animal welfare vetmapp sharing on social media platforms and its spread throughout Turkey, we call on everyone to assist us in our awareness. Because the animals do not stop people enemy. We dural why? Together we have shared with our friends healthy living and survival, time to fight with them!

Services/Vets2Pet to you the services you provide to the health of our Pets



Google and iOS marked on the map, you can see the locations and all the information you can get to the nearest emergency veterinary services operating around the location.



All locations to browse the Web and Facebook page, you can perform an immediate search and route to the front of the door you choose the location (navigation) you can get service.



We volunteer our contracted physicians vet can ask for our application installed in your mind all your questions about our little friends and send pictures



First aid guidelines prepared by the veterinarians according to accident can happen to our friends can make a quick and deliberate action.